Finished peice

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring set in Platinum and 18ct Gold

Full colour CAD to bring the design to life

Eight beautiful round cut diamonds halo around the large oval pink sapphire that proudly sits at the heart of this clinet's beautiful engagement ring.

She and her fiance designed it together with Liz. We incorporated inherited stones from each of their grandmothers. The pink sapphire was previously set in a pendant belonging to her grandmother and the diamonds were unset from his grandmothers earrings (which she wore on her wedding day!)

Once CAD design was finalised our workshop cast and hand finished the shank, head and claws on the diamonds in platinum, the claws holding the sapphire are 18ct Yellow Gold for a pop of colour and personality.

Last but certainly not least this piece was Assay marked for quality assurance. It was embellished with the castle punch mark to denote it was marked at Edinburgh Assay Office, 'JJ' our sponsors mark, 950 to denote platinum is the main metal and 'X' for 2022

3D render checks that all technical and structural components are on point

It started with a single stone