4.5 Iona Quaich
Combining time-honoured tradition and contemporary design to produce what is a truly exceptional item of giftware, this gorgeous 4.5” Iona Quaich is a present that any discerning recipient is sure to love and to cherish forever. A traditional Scottish vessel used for toasts at notable celebrations and to bid farewell to loved ones as they depart, a Quaich is a beautiful item full of historical charm and the Iona Quaich is a particularly exceptional example. Measuring 4.5” in diameter, the Quaich is expertly crafted from high quality pewter and combines the elegant mirror like finish of the metal with beautiful Celtic style patterns to produce a truly individual look. The Celtic style knot-work patterning extends around the base of the Quaich and also adorns the sweeping, contemporary styled handles to ensure that this is an exceptional gift that looks as good when in use as when stored in its elegant presentation box. Jessop Ref: 5054257