3.5 Iona Quaich
Traditionally used as a ‘cup of welcome’ or a vessel for raising a toast of farewell, the quintessentially Scottish Quaich today makes for an exceptional commemorative gift and this magnificent 3.5” Iona Quaich is an ideal example. Lovingly produced according to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, each 3.5” Quaich is entirely composed of top quality pewter and is finished to a highly polished shine which can’t fail but catch the eye. Once the attention has been drawn to the beautiful Quaich, too, the beholder is sure to be entranced by the beautiful Celtic style decoration which accents the piece around the base and on its two angular and modern style handles. As if all of that weren’t enough, each Quaich is also provided along with its very own chic presentation box which allows its lucky new owner to keep it at its very best for years to come as well as to display it in the utmost style.