2.5 Iona Quaich

An elegant and exquisite item which makes for a superb gift for any special someone in your life with proud Scottish roots, this beautiful 2.5” Iona Quaich is ideal for celebrating a birthday, career landmark or any other big occasion. Perfect as a commemorative gift, a Quaich is a quintessentially Scottish drinking vessel which was traditionally used as a ‘cup of welcome’ or to toast farewell to someone embarking upon a journey. This particularly beautiful example measures 2.5” in diameter and is composed entirely of high quality pewter. Effortlessly elegant and timelessly attractive, the traditionally shaped Quaich boasts an intricate Celtic pattern band around its base and match Celtic knot-work on the two chic handles to give it an utterly unique look. Supplied within its very own luxurious presentation box, the Quaich is sure to be gratefully received by any friend or loved one, even if they never intend on drinking from it.

Ref: 5054255