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Have a specialist independent Jewellery Valuer and Gemmologist can value your jewellery.

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We hope that your jewellery is never lost or stolen, but in the unfortunate event that this does happen, you will need to make a claim on your insurance. When you make this claim, your insurance company will ask for your proof of ownership and the current (or as per last valuation) value of the item.

Having your jewellery valued for Insurance Replacement not only ensures that you are adequately covered on your policy, but it also helps keep your insurance premiums to a minimum. The comprehensive valuation report details the exact nature of each of your individual items of jewellery, gemstones and diamonds, and includes HD photographs of each item taken from multiple perspectives to capture distinguishing features. If the police recover your lost possessions, a valuation with high-quality images and detailed descriptions could be the only way you can provide evidence of ownership, especially in the case of inherited jewellery.

As requested by the vast majority of insurance companies now, we use a specialist Independent Jewellery Valuer and Gemmologist (Adrian Smith) to appraise and value your jewellery for you. This ensures that you receive an accurate and unbiased valuation that is acceptable to your insurer. Your valuation report is presented in a premium quality hard backed portfolio (which we hope you will enjoy referring to) and digital copy. The latter is to store remotely and to share with your insurer.

Please visit us in store or e-mail us to discuss your individual valuation requirements further . We are always happy to help and offer obligation free advice.

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Make sure your valuations are up to date

Most insurers require your jewellery to be re-valued every three years in order to ensure that the values are accurate and you are not under insured in the event of a claim. In order to make this task as cost effective as possible, we charge only a nominal fee for revaluing your jewellery.